San Antonio Pilates Classes

Pilates class at Lone Star Pilates, San Antonio

Lone Star Pilates offers a wide variety of Equipment classes, Mat/floor and Zumba classes. To register for a class please click on the sign up button of the class you would like to attend and follow the prompts to reserve your spot in class. Look forward to seeing you soon! Feel free to call us at 210-499-5555.

Terms & Conditions

In honor of your time and ours, Lone Star Pilates requires 24 hour advance notice for all cancelled lessons, including reservations for quartets and private lessons.

Studio Policies

  • All classes and private sessions are by appointment only and must be paid for in advance.
  • As a courtesy to others, please note that all cancellations of scheduled appointments and/or classes with less than 24 hours notice and unattended scheduled appointments and/or classes will be charged pricing of that private session, class or series as if you had attended.
  • All classes, sessions and series are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be sure you can commit to an exercise program before purchasing any series of classes and/or sessions.
  • All classes, sessions and series must be completed by the expiration date.
  • LSP accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Package Policies

  • In order to maintain a standing appointment with a teacher, students must have a current package of private sessions on file
  • All packages expire six months from the date of purchase (Exception: The 30 day Unlimited Package expires 30 days from first visit.)
  • All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be sure that you can commit to an exercise program before purchasing any package
  • A 24 cancellation notice is required for all sessions
  • Each student is allotted 2 "freebie" cancellations per year for use if the cancellation occurs within the 24 hour time period. Lone Star Pilates will be responsible for keeping track of these cancellations

Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive on time.
  • Please turn all cell phones OFF upon arrival to the studio
  • Please be courteous of classes and privates already in progress upon entering the space.
  • Please be sure to wipe down all equipment after use.
  • Please wear bare feet or toe socks during classes or sessions.
  • Please return all small equipment to it’s appropriate placement within the studio.